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Against Marine Le Pen


The so-called “National” Front reduces nationality to ancestors. It makes of it an archaic heritage rather than a choice. It is the current avatar of an age-old counter-revolutionary movement that was once born in hostile reaction to the Enlightenment, the glory of France. This current of ideas has already been in power: it was the Collaboration during the Nazi Occupation. Seeking to experience this a second time is to forget or to ignore the despicable nature of the first.

The elections for the President of the Republic will take place in two rounds, on 23 April and 7 May. Legislative elections will take place on 11 and 18 June. For the last several months, the polls have been putting Marine Le Pen in the lead in the first round of elections. Nothing can exclude the possibility of her winning the second round. Every day we hear the voices of those calling out against this with fear, anxiety, indignation, and revolt.

In fact, Lepenist ideology is a threat to public liberty. It is exacerbating the general tendency towards exclusion, hatred and confrontation. Mme. Le Pen would fracture our society, and the consequences would be disastrous, in a context where the sense of discontent felt by the working class is being exploited by nationalist ideology on a European and worldwide level.


The very possibility of exercising our profession is put into question. There is no psychoanalysis worthy of its name without human rights, without freedom of expression and a free press, without the vital dynamics and breathing space of an open society. This is why we are emerging from our political reserve call upon our fellow citizens to vote with us against the partisans of hate.


Paris, 13 March 2017






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