Communique by the Secretary of the Pass of the WAP

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Two new Analysts of the School

Leonardo Gorostiza, President of the WAP, and Anne Lysy Secretary of the Pass at the WAP, have just announced the nomination of two new Analysts of the School.

The Pass Committee of the ECF nominated Ram Avraham Mandil (Belo Horizonte, member of the EBP).
The cartel of the Pass of the EBP nominated Marcus André Vieira (Rio de Janeiro, member of the EBP). 
The Executive Committee of the NLS warmly congratulates both colleagues for this crossing which constitutes, at the same time, a step that makes psychoanalysis advance.

The Secretariat announces that we shall hear their testimonies at the next WAP Congress in 2014.

Dominique Holvoet
President of the NLS

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