Communique of the Bureau of the EuroFederation of

Communique of the EFP
As it has already been announced, the Second European Congress of Psychoanalysis(PIPOL 6) will take place in Brussels, on July 6th and 7th 2013, at the SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre. It will be entitled: «After Oedipus: The Diversity of Psychoanalytic Practice in Europe». Two years after the EFP founding Congress held in July 2011, this second Congress will be a time of supplementary punctuation in this project which brings together the psychoanalytic community in Europe, and which constitutes a “material force” in our approach of politicians and officials at the European level. In a few days, we will begin to disseminate information about this major event. The arguments, texts, debates, practical information and other will be distributed primarily through the electronic list PIPOL NEWS, in the four languages of the EFP: French, English, Italian and Spanish. Currently this list reaches 1630 subscribers. If you have not yet subscribed to the list, we strongly encourage you to do so now, by sending a blank email to the following address: Also, if you have any questions or comments to pose to the instances of the EuroFederation, please do not hesitate to write to: We will pay attention to each email, one by one, and you will receive a reply.
For the Bureau of the EFP

Gil Caroz, President

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