Communiqué of the NLS

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Communiqué of the NLS



The NLS is pleased to announce the admission of nine new members, whose
names are:


Isolda Arango Alvarez (Miami, USA)

Juan Felipe Arango (Miami, USA)    

Ludovic Bornand (Sâles, Switzerland)

Bruno De Halleux (Brussels, Belgium)

Sebastian Godlewski (Poznan, Poland)

Nina Krajnik (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Liliana Macotinsky Kruszel (Miami, USA)

Carmen D. Navarro De Niño (Houston, USA)

Karina Tenenbaum (Miami, USA)


I welcome them in the name of the NLS.


With regard to the aggiornamento
of the Schools of the World Association of Psychoanalysis initiated recently by
Jacques-Alain Miller, the School is counting on their decided commitment to
what it proposes, both on the level of its activities (the Congress, the
cartels) and its objectives.


Lilia Mahjoub

President de la NLS

New Lacanian School
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