Condolences – Pierre Naveau


Communiqué of the Initiative Vienna

With great regret and sadness we received today the news of the passing
away of Pierre Naveau. Pierre was involved from the beginning in the build up
of our young formation – as a personal advisor and guide with a deep analytical
logic and ethics, as a supervisor and finally as an excellent teacher in two
seminars in presence in Vienna, one of them together with his wife Laure, who
accompanies our formation until today. 


We owe him much and his death is a great loss for us, as well as for the
whole Freudian field. 


Our sympathy and condolences go out to his grieving family in this
difficult hour. 


For the Initiative Vienna 

Avi Rybnicki, Norbert Leber, Elisabeth Müllner, Gerhard Reichsthaler,
Sarah Birgani 



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