Congress Special: Presentation of Sequence 2 – The Gaze, Object of Jouissance


The Gaze as Object of Jouissance

Sequence 2

The Gaze, Object of Jouissance

Saturday 11 May 11:30 – 12:30 

Sequence chaired by Jean Luc Monnier, with:


Florencia F.C. Shanahan: The Gaze, Remains

Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff: In Search of Losing Time


The gaze runs through the teaching of psychoanalysis. Freud identified its prevalent role in the drive very early on, notably in his “Three Essays on Sexuality” in the chapter entitled "Touching and Looking”. Lacan would give it its full scope from Seminar X onwards. He makes it one of the objects a that he adds, along with the voice, to the list of Freudian objects. But it was in Seminar XI that he gave an essential and paradigmatic place to the object gaze, which then took on its full force as a drive object.

In his excellent presentation of the Congress theme, Daniel Roy entitled his final paragraph: "The gaze as enjoying substance added to the world" and specifically mentions these screens, which in all their forms, now always within view, have opened up new avenues of unabated jouissance for the modern subject: the augmented Panopticon! But these screens are also like blind gazes, like the lid of the sardine can alluded to by Petit Jean in Seminar XI, which assign us to our place, as a blot, a stain, in a picture of which we are also the spectators.


Jean Luc Monnier

NLS Treasurer


New Lacanian School

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