Congress Special: Presentation of Sequence 3 – The Gaze in the Feminine


The Gaze in the Feminine

Sequence 3

Seduction, Modesty and Masquerade: The Gaze in the Feminine

Sunday 12 May 11:05 – 12:15 

Sequence chaired by Patricia Bosquin-Caroz, with :


Laure Naveau – Beauty and Gaze
Nathalie Laceur – Masks of the Feminine
Neus Carbonell – Lure and Seduction


The Gaze in the Feminine

The point here is not to consider the female gaze
as the reverse of the male gaze, but to approach the gaze in its
relationship to the feminine and the function of the screen.

Lacan isolated the function of the screen as the place
of mediation beyond which there is the gaze. Without it, the gaze would
transfix us in the way a rabbit might be caught in the headlights of a car. So,
women know better than anyone else how to play with the screen, the place of
deception, of the mask, of the veil and therefore of semblance. The screen,
like beauty, traps the gaze or soothes the insatiable eye, but it is also a
bulwark against the reality of castration, which cannot give itself to be seen
without crossing the boundaries of modesty. 

We will consider the theme of the
gaze in the feminine, based on three presentations: by Neus Carbonell, Laure
Naveau and Nathalie Laceur. 
They will deal with seduction, masquerade, and


Patricia Bosquin-Caroz

Vice-president of the NLS


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