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An Interpretation of the Analyst. Interpretation-Event

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Jacques-Alain Miller


Jacques-Alain Miller gives a precise idea of what a cure oriented towards the sinthome is:

“In his Seminar, The Sinthome [Lacan] formulates: The analyst is a sinthome. He is supported by the non-sense, so we allow him his reasons; he will not explain himself. Rather will he play at the body event, at the semblance of trauma. And he will have to sacrifice much to merit being, or to be taken for, a bit of real.” [1]

“It is in correlation with the notion of interpretation as disruption that we have to introduce something like the parlêtre, that is to say a function, a notion that […] goes further than the unconscious.

Lacan aimed for something which would go beyond the notion of the unconscious and what is inscribed in that place; what he called the parlêtre is where the function of the unconscious is completed by the body. […] Not by the symbolized body, not by the imaginary body, but by what is real about the body.

So this already indicates, at least, that interpretation as disruption mobilizes something of the body. It is a mode of interpretation that requires that it be invested by the analyst and, for example, that it brings in […] tone, voice, accent, even gesture and gaze. Thinking of this interpretation as disruption brings to mind the notes taken by a passer who reported, as an AS [2], her cure and, in the story that she told, what had been the turning point for her. It was not a whole discourse; this interpretation, as she said, was in a long dark corridor, after the session, while she was leaving, and just like that she was led to turn around because the analyst was sending her a message which, as she described it, was made of a kind of pantomime, a pantomime of devouring, accompanied by a vague growl, something which could be: “Grr…! !” and, at just the right time, of bringing in the body, of bringing in the figure. [It] took place in the hallway of the exit, which is in and of itself a certain way of bringing in the body […]. We cannot bring in the oral drive or the anal drive, but we can, on the other hand, bring in the specifically Lacanian drives, which are the scopic drive and the invoking drive.

It seems to me that interpretation as disruption is based especially on this input. One day we will have to understand that what the notion of deciphering still leaves in default is that in analysis, both one and the other must bring their bodies.”[3]

[1] Miller, J.-A., « La fuite du sens » (1995-1996), L’Orientation lacanienne ii, 14, teaching held under the auspices of the Department of Psychoanalysis, University Paris 8, lesson of 31 January 1996.

[2] This is the testimony of Monique Kusnierek.

[3] Miller, J.A., « L’expérience du réel dans la cure analytique », [1998-1999], L’Orientation lacanienne iii, 1, teaching held under the auspices of the Department of Psychoanalysis, University Paris 8, lesson of 27 January 1999.

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