Erratum : Letter from Jacques-Alain Miller tothe Lacano-Americans

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Jacques-Alain Miller
and other colleagues
Paris, 11th May, 2017

I am moved by the exceptional interest manifested across the Freudian Field in Latin-America in the Conference and open debate to be held on Saturday in Madrid about the recent victory of the democratic forces in France and the consequences of this event with respect to the politics of psychoanalysis in the world.

The opening of 37 points of connection extending through Argentina and Brazil, passing via the countries linked by the NEL, combined with the improvised creation in Paris of Lacan Cotidiano testify to the fact that the School One has at last abandoned the realm of dreams in order to become a real fact.

This is the unexpected result of the fertile misunderstanding generated by the “Note About Jacques-Alain Miller” written by an old student and friend of mine surely in a moment of distraction. This note has set Facebook alight and has provoked a sensational displacement of libido that, following the welcome “Clarification” by the author, is ultimately of benefit to the Conference, the debate and the Freudian Field.

I have been asked whether I would like an open system of questions, potentially provoking an internal crisis in the Freudian Field, or a mode of filtering by way of a controlled Facebook group.

My choice has been to trust in our Lacanian community such as it is: not ideal, not entirely prudent, but living and real, wirklich, which is demonstrating in France and Belguim its courage and its lucidity to overcome all obstacles. The questions of my colleagues in the analytic cause will thus not be filtered, nor will my declarations.

In the same city in which the fascist general Millán Astray shouted “long live death”, I will be proud in two days time to promote a new path for the politics of psychoanalysis in the 21st century, which will immediately take concrete form in the foundation of an organism destined to bring “psychoanalysis back to the duty that in our world is incumbent upon it” as an extension of the determined struggle of the psychoanalysts of the École de la Cause freudienne on the occasion of the election of President Macron.

This organism already has a name and provisional statutes. It is called the International Lacanian Institute. It will have its online publication starting next week. It will be an international review of Lacanian politics, whose name, well considered, I will announce on Saturday in Madrid.

Translated by Roger Litten

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