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“One Is an Accomplice or One Is Rebellious” (1)

Pascale Simonet


A war is happening today in the world, and it is an information war.

Politics, are reduced more and more to its immediate communication, making the media space a black theater where simplistic and false solutions evolve, where new enemies are invented to hide their trampling, where hateful slogans are fomented, -a knock of contradictory figures that does not make sense. It is urgent to mobilize to reveal the monstrosity of this show. To proclaim loudly and clear that to bet on hatred to justify the unjustifiable is a criminal circle that must be unmasked.

Faced with extremists on all sides, governments are positioning themselves by seeking to beat them on their own ground. This strategy, we know, does not offer a way out. It only adds chaos to chaos, merely overbidding multiform frustrations. It follows the devilish movement that tends to divide, undo, destroy, disfigure, devitalize.

The calls for the most regressive social conformity against increasing fears are no longer counted. They have, in the background, the scientist ideal of the “pure” man, mechanized, having abolished any singular peculiarity. Thus the segregations multiply endlessly, and a new horizon emerges: that of the dead man, stripped of his sensitive body, anemic of his own words, melted into all.

“When one imposes the all alike, the step ahead that exceeds abhorring the surprise, as soon as it arises, it is crushed under the heel – with the heel of the boot, but the stiletto heel as well. By means of which, we make more necessary, intense and inevitable the emergence of the One, to the applause of all “(2), recalled JA Miller, as early as 1992.

“The obscure allegations, repeated on all sides, now shine like steel” (3), leaving behind it the police fascination, the lynching of the “elites” who dare to revolt. Between the populist jaws, the breathing space continues to shrink. Is running a fratricidal war of all against all. It is “a rush against people,” announced Bernard-Henri Levy on October 18 (4).

We know it, but we forget it too often: the essence of the massacre is a desire for totality: “Kill them all”. The crime of mass is not only unreasonable, animalistic drive, but a planning of a reason that became crazy, socialization of crime transformed into ordinary work.

Thus, it is necessary, without delay, a resistance of every moment: that of singular bodies and the living speech. “We need a new spirit of beginning and a verb strong enough to avoid this immediate passage from the flesh to the corpse. »(5)

It is urgent to remember that projects that reject differences, that advocate the elimination of certain groups of people are not opinions, but calls for crime. That democracy is only true when all the differences can coexist. That “pretending not to see the pain of others also kills” (6). That politics is as much the fact of the convinced as that of the “docile ignorant” (7).

That besides the sequestration of debates, the first victory of hate is to violently impact the bodies, to push them to silence, to plunge them into a paralyzing terror, destroying them from within. “Many people experienced the violence of the Bolsonaro campaign and its supporters as violence against their own bodies, against their thinking and against their spirit,” says journalist Éliane Brum in a very beautiful article (8).

This fight, which we make ours, is then conducted with the language. It is an argumentative struggle for complexity, the only one capable of preserving a keen awareness of jouissance and of giving to sensitivity all its acuteness. A fight in favor of the ethics of consequences against the ethics of intentions, the only one that preserves the safeguarding of the singularity against conformism as forgetfulness of self (9). The problem is not so much to know if we win or lose, but to know how we lose. With what principles, with what honor (10).

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Translated by Lorena Hojman Davis



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