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My Way n°1

My Way, the Newsletter of PIPOL 8, follow us – Patricia Bosquin-Caroz

On the 1st and 2nd of July 2017, PIPOL 8, the 4th Congress of the EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis, will take place in the heart of the capital of the institutions of Europe: Brussels. Its theme, “A Non-Standard Clinical Practice”, is one which is in-phase with the era of the push to the generalised norm, not by way of promoting this, but to make a hole it. Currently in Belgium and France, and tomorrow throughout Europe, the bureaucracy of the health services imposes its standardised managerial logic onto the field of mental health; this imposition is founded on a single norm: Evidenced Based Practice. The aim of the Congress, as well as the preparation towards it, is intended to be both political and clinical. It seeks to assert the dimension of the symptom which is outside the norm and which runs counter to the modern ideal of the normal man. It will demonstrate how psychoanalytic practice, in its orientation within the various institutions of the medico-psychosocial field, forges a place for the invention, uniqueness, singularity and incomparability of each one. Not without the dimension of the transference, the only institution at stake in the analytic experience. Each week, My Way will speak to you about norms and that which is with-out norm [hors-les-normes]. In each issue you will find no more than four or five concise texts, along with photos and videos etc. These will be progressively rolled out and arranged under the various rubrics of the blog: Contemporary Erotica – Child and Adolescent – Autism – European Politics – The Normal Delinquent – A Practice of the Body – Parenting – Segregation – etc. There are sixteen in total, the content of which will originate from colleagues throughout the many regions of the EuroFederation. All the articles will be available on the blog, which you can visit at

Check-in each week for the work in progress towards PIPOL 8!
Patricia Bosquin-Caroz, Director of the 4th Congress of the EuroFederation.
Translated by Raphael Montague

My Way 1, by Céline Aulit-

Ken Loach’s latest film hit the screens a few days ago. This time the director, who specialises in portraying those forgotten by the system, depicts, with a certain sarcasm, the contemporary absurdity that bars the way of the singularity of the subject – something that ultimately profits the protocols of health care and the classifications in the DSM. This is the ground that Valérie Pera-Guillot covers in this first issue of the Blog. The emergence of the singularity is, as Annaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen nicely sums up, precisely what the analytic discourse aims at. Singularity is our bastion of resistance! The more the subject is smoothed out and has his or her jouissance eradicated, the more that jouissance makes itself heard. Neus Carbonell underlines this in the context of the clinic of autism. The Pipol 8 Blog is now in business, and in it you’ll find snappy, sparkling testimonies, little nuggets of outside-the-norm, which, at the invitation of Philippe Hellebois, evoke the ambiguity of language, itself a powerful argument against the discourse of the master. 

Translated by Janet Haney and John Haney

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