GIEP-NLS – “Knottings” Seminar with Frank Rollier and Nathalie Wülfing
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"Knottings" Seminar at the GIEP-NLS

With Frank Rollier and Nathalie Wülfing

11th May 2018

Tel Aviv
"Knottings" Seminar, in preparation for the NLS Congress, “In a State of Transference – wild, political, psychoanalytic”.
With our guests: Frank Rollier and Natalie Wülfing.
Amir Kupferschmidt and Gideon Becker will present clinical cases.

The next day a meeting with Frank Rollier will take place on the theme of the Cartel : ”A tremendous study tool, while reducing the imaginary drawbacks of any group.” Frank Rollier will develop various topics concerning the Cartel as a cornerstone of the School and will address questions from colleagues in the conversation that follows.

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