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On June 27, 2015, ‘School Time’ event with our guest – Yves Vanderveken, President of the NLS, was held in Tel-Aviv.

Yves Vanderveken presented his interpretation of Jacques-Alain Miller’s book Politique Lacanienne”. He titled his intervention: LACANIAN POLITICS AND ACTION”. Later on Perla Miglin, Amir Klugman, Orit Weiss and Malka Shein presented their texts on “PARADOXES OF THE SCHOOL”. Sharon Zvili was the moderator of this discussion. After a break, a second panel was held, in which Samuel Nemirovsky, Rostik Bershadsky, Shlomo Lieber and Vered Noti presented their texts on “CARTELS AND THEIR VICISSITUDES”. Zully Flumenbaum was the moderator of this discussion.


In his interpretation of Jacques-Alain Miller’s book, YVES VANDERVEKEN listed three political dimensions that Miller extracts from Lacan’s teaching: (a) general politics; politics of the world we live in, the discourses of this world, and the ways in which psychoanalysis interpret them; Yves mentioned that this can give one meaning to Lacan’s saying that the unconscious is politics (b) politics within psychoanalysis, which includes the politics of the psychoanalytical school, and (c) the last dimension, which is actually primary in its importance, is determined by Lacan’s idea regarding the leading vision and goal of the treatment and the effects analysis produces. This dimension refers to the pass, and Yves’ hypothesis is that the entire Lacanian politics is marked by the question of what does psychoanalysis try to achieve? This, according to Yves, lead Lacan to put the question of the pass in the center of his school, at the heart of its politics… READ THE FULL TEXT [attached]


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