Jean-Daniel Matet : A few words about PIPOL7

A few words about PIPOL 7


The testimony of AE shows us how
analysis allows us to extract ourselves from a position of
victim, from our
symptoms, from our fantasy, from our story.

But the actual word victim is not
part of the technical vocabulary of psychoanalysis, this is
why we have chosen
it, as its usage is being generalized to fight psychoanalysis
occasionally contested in its treatment of the effects of the
troumatisme, that the sexual real does
on the body and that often hides behind a complaint of
victimization. This
actual clinic will be the object of a thoughtful examination
during the
clinical days of PIPOL 7 on Saturday, 4th of July.
140 interventions
have been selected out of 260 that we have received to allow
us to debate, in
the five languages of the Congress, on those clinical
questions. Around twenty
Italian contributions in rooms where Italian, Spanish and
French will be
spoken. One or the other or one and the other.

In contrast with this clinical work,
Sunday has in store many great surprises and I deeply thank 
Gil Caroz to support the elaboration of the
day to confront us to the real of the victim such as,
unfortunately, the 2015
news has given us numerous examples : after the attacks of
Toulouse, the
attack of the Jewish museum in Brussels in 2014, the slaughter
of Charlie
Hebdo, of the kosher supermarket and finally the museum in
Tunis. Already at
the Congress of the NLS in Geneva, the moments of crisis gave
the opportunity
to talk about it but in Brussels, conversations, testimonies,
exchanges promise
to be incandescent because we are not withdrawing in front of
this real, which
is assaulting us. Such an unseen crowd, in France, in January,
during the massive
demonstrations, which is not enough to bring answers and the
discourse, in confrontation with other discourses, is facing a
demanding ethic
to say something about it that touches the question of the
sacred, the
blasphemy, religious, jouissance, racism, anti-semitism in our
societies that are still a haven of peace sought by numerous
migrants ready to
loose their life to reach it. Italy knows something about it.
The Islamic
reference within the claims of the Parisian killers will bring
us, in Brussels,
to exchange with witnesses at the heart of these attacks, with
specialists of
Islam and we will have the opportunity to update our
discourse, which could hopefully
bring light on who draws the contemporary horizon of our
fellow citizen. You
have seen on the web some revealed surprises, there will be
others. There is
already close to 1200 subscribers. I deeply encourage you to
subscribe and the
efforts of our inhabitants of Brussels to welcome us will not
leave us
indifferent, if only by the incredible and original venue of
Saturday night,
where new social and cultural connections are knitting
themselves in Brussels.

Finally, the adaptation of
the play
of Claudel, major reference of Lacan in the Seminar The
Transfer, is a unique
event on its own, even the palace of Congress of Brussels has
never seen this.
In that case, we expect many of you, PIPOL is the encounter of
in Europe to not miss.

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