KNOTTINGS 2013-2014: New formula

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Communique of the Executive Committee of the NLS
KNOTTING 2013-2014: New formula
In line with the Council of the NLS in Athens, the Executive Committee has updated the formula of the Knotting Seminar.
We seek to further strengthen the links between Societies and Affiliated Groups of the NLS.
In these new knottings the five Societies of the NLS will host a member of another Society and another member of a Group.
Each guest presents a case, a member of the host Society presents a third case. 
A member of the Executive Committee introduces the Knotting. The chairing of the Knotting is assured by the President of the host Society or his/her representative. 
Finally, the thee cases presented at the Knotting will be sent two weeks in advance to an extime who will act as mentor in order to refine the text of the three proposed cases. 
Also, to those Societies wishing to do so, we propose to organize on the same weekend, a public fulgurant cartel but reserved only to the members of the Society of the NLS. The representative of the Executive Committee is the plus-one of the cartel, composed of the two guests and two members of the host Society. Between the five they shall present their reading of one or several lesson(s) from a reference for the Congress, this year Seminar VI.

On September 21st last, the first Knottings took place simultaneously in Athens and Geneva, whose reports you would have read via NLS-Messager. A fulgurant cartel was organized on each occasion. The forthcoming Knottings are scheduled for January in London, February in Bruges and March in Tel-Aviv.

For the Executive Committee

Dominique Holvoet

2013-2014 Geneva Athens Tel Aviv London Bruges
  21/09/2013 21/09/2013 16/03/2014 11/01/2014 22-23/02/2014
Societies Kring: Thomas Van Rumst ASREEP-NLS: Jacqueline Nanchen Hellenic Society: Yannis Dimitrakos  GIEP: Susana Huller London Society:  Roger Litten
Groups   Krakow& Warsaw: Dorota Parnowska   NLS-Québec: Anne Béraud Bulgaria : Biliana Mechkunova Russia : Mickaël Strakhov ICLO: Rik Loose
Member EC EC: Yves Vanderveken EC: Dominique Holvoet   EC: Florencia Shanahan EC: Nathalie Laceur EC: Despina Andropoulou
Extime Monique Kusnierek Maria Cristina Aguirre Russell Grigg Jean-Louis Gault Jean-Pierre Klotz
Case 1 Babeth Hamel Anne Béraud Biliana Mechkunova Mickaël Strakhov Rik Loose
Case 2 Dorota Parnowska Jacqueline Nanchen Yanis Dimitrakos Susanna Huller Roger Litten
Case 3 Thomas Van Rumst Despina Karagianni  
Veronique Voruz
Chair Lynn Gaillard Epaminondas Theodoridis Samuel Nemirovsky Natalie Wulfing Lieve Billiet
Report Dominique Tercier Marina Frangiadaki      

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