Knottings Seminar of the NLS / Bruges 13th December

The NLS Knotting Seminar in
Organized by the Kring of Psychoanalysis of the


Since Gil Caroz
proposed and implemented the Knottings Seminar as president of the NLS, it has
become a familiar part of the program in each Society of the NLS. Since last
year not only the Societies, but also some groups of the NLS participate in it.
The current President of the NLS Yves Vanderveken proposed in turn a
slightly different formula, in which there is not only place for a theoretical
introduction and clinical vignettes, but also for a contribution around the
signifier ‘crisis’ and what it evokes in the local societal context. On December
13th the Seminar will be organized by the Kring voor Psychoanalyse
van de NLS, in Bruges – Belgium.


Lacanian School

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