Knottings Seminar of the NLS in London – 10 January 2015

The London Society

of the New Lacanian School

The Knottings of the New Lacanian School

hosted by the London Society

Moments of Crisis

(Theme of the next NLS Congress)


Image VD Collective


10th January 2015, 1pm – 6pm


With Lilia Mahjoub

(vice president of the NLS,  AME of the NLS, ECF, WAP)


Chaired by Natalie Wülfing

(London Society, NLS UK)


Clinical presentations:

Lynn Gaillard (ASREEP, NLS Switzerland); Vessela Banova (Bulgarian Society, NLS Bulgaria) and Gabriela van den Hoven (London Society, NLS UK).


On ‘Crises’ in the local context:

 Alan Rowan (London Society, NLS UK)


ULU, Malet St, WC1, 3rd Floor, Room 3 B.        £10

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