Krakow Circle: Seminar “The Logical Return of the Cartel”


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Kracow Circle of the NLS

 Seminar: "The Logical Return to the Cartel"


 Date:  10/26/2014. Time: 11.00-14.00


 Purpose :

Encouragement for cartels to work in the
Circle and promotion of this unique form of studying Freud's and Lacan's texts for people outside the Circle, interested
in Lacanian psychoanalysis. 



Introduction: Serge Dziomba

– Commentary: Alina Henzel-Korzeniowska and Magda Nawisielska

– Discussion


 Place:  Kraków, seat of the Circle – Biskupia 10/11


 Fees : PLN 40,
Circle members – PLN 30, students PLN 20

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