Lacan Circle of Melbourne: Seminar with Pierre-Gilles Guéguen

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Lacan Circle of Melbourne


presents a


Seminar with Pierre-Gilles Guéguen


…. Or worse: psychoanalysis in a post-Oedipal era


Friday 1 March – Sunday 3 March 2013

Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), 124 Jolimont Road, East Melbourne, Victoria 3002




If you read the extraordinary postface by Jacques-Alain Miller to the French edition of
Seminar XIX called … ou pire, … or worse, you will get a sense of why this seminar is Lacan’s
Seminar XI for today. It is a seminar that has undoubtedly passed unnoticed because of the huge public success of
Encore, which speaks of feminine jouissance. But …or worse is to Lacanian psychoanalysis what Jack Kerouac’s
On the road was to the beat generation; it is the book of a generation, one that opens onto the real clinical situation of the post-68 period. We intend to study it, not as a manual of Lacanian formalism, although it is that as well, nor in a line of
continuity with Lacan’s overall teaching, but as the first work of post-Oedipal psychoanalysis, one capable of guiding us in our practice with subjects as they present themselves to us today. Naturally, our study requires both erudition and research. Of course,
we will be obliged to return to Parmenides and Aristotelian logic. But we will not allow ourselves to be bogged down by the love of knowledge, for it is a question here of the future of psychoanalysis.



Public Lecture Friday March 1st: 7.30 for 8 pm

Saturday March 2nd :  9.30- 4.30

Sunday March 3rd :  10 – 12.30 pm.

Registration details will be sent out shortly.

For further information please contact Dr. Kate Briggs on 0408 444 206 or




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