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3 January 2023
What's New?
AMP Uqbar in a new guise!
The Newsletter of the World Association of Psychoanalysis is keeping its name: Uqbar, named after "TLÖN, UQBAR, ORBIS TERTIUS", the strange short story by Borges which inspired the WAP.
It has now become AMP Uqbar News. It informs, gathers together, and shares:
– events of the seven Schools: programme and place
– psychoanalytic praxis in the world: from day to day
– publications: news and sources
And it will keep its focus on "the unconscious is politics". 
See you soon,
The Bureau of the WAP

Christiane Alberti, President
Laurent Dupont, Secretary
France Jaigu, Treasurer

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AMP Uqbar News . Secrétaire : Laurent Dupont
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