Launching the 2014-2015 e-cartels



the 2014-2015 e-cartels


Dear Colleagues,

For the 2014-2015 e-cartels: a “light” formula.

A time for work within the School, the e-cartels offer the
possibility of forming cartels beyond the borders of the societies
and groups of the NLS. They can be dedicated to a subject of your
choosing, or to the preparation of vignettes to be submitted to
the Scientific Committee of the next NLS Congress, which will then
choose those to be presented at the Congress. Let me remind you
that the theme of the Congress is  “Moments of Crisis”

There are two ways of constituting a cartel:

1- Four people choose each other and designate a Plus-One

2- You can send a mail to the delegate for cartels to tell her you
would like to participate. She will form the cartels. The cartels
then choose a Plus-One or ask the delegate to help them find one.

The Plus-Ones will send the composition of the cartel before
October 15th to the following address:

and declare it on the website of the School:

In the case of those cartels preparatory for the next Congress,
the Plus-One will send the vignette to the delegate for cartels
and to the Scientific Committee, according to a date set by the

Writing is a frightening constraint? You don’t like the anonymity
of e-mails? Follow the Executive Committee: try Skype, it’s easy!

Sophie Marret-Maleval
Delegate for cartels. 


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