London Society “4+1 About the Cartel” with Frank Rollier

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London Society “4+1”
About the Cartel, Formation Effects and the Work of the School
With Frank Rollier
the NLS Delegate for Cartels
18th February 2017



About the Cartel, Formation Effects and the Work of the School
In this morning workshop, NLS Delegate for Cartels, Frank Rollier, will discuss the institutional mechanism that Lacan placed at the heart of his School: the Cartel – a small working group consisting of four people who have come together to work on a particular topic, with a plus-one to facilitate the work.

With this little working group, Lacan sought to construct a framework for the transmission of psychoanalysis designed to avoid the pitfalls that he saw in other psychoanalytic groups, while rearticulating it with the principles of analysis. “I’m counting on the Tourbillon”; said Lacan towards the end of his teaching, and Frank Rollier will take up this term, tourbillon, or ‘whirlwind’, in his presentation: 
“The Cartel’s Whirlwind: Affinities between the Cartel and Lacanian Psychoanalysis”.

This presentation, of interest to those with prior knowledge of the cartel as well as those who are as yet unfamiliar with it, will be followed by a lively discussion, with the participation of NLS President Lilia Mahjoub, which will be further animated by the contribution of two London Society members, Thomas Harding and Aino-Marjatta Mäki, who will speak about their experience of a cartel and its relation to the ongoing process of their formation as analysts.


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