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About the Unconscious

Case Based Discussion for Practising Analysts only

Saturday, 19 November 2016, ULU, Malet Street, London

11.00-12.30 – LS-NLS Contemporary Lacanian Clinic: Place and Interpretation of Formation of the Unconscious in Psychoanalytical Treatments. Case presentations with Peggy Papada (member of LS) and Philip Dravers (LS, NLS-London, AMP). Discussants: Vincent Dachy and Gabriela van den Hoven.

Please note that this seminar is for practising analysts only and attendance requires registration prior to the event. Please email to Gabriela van den Hoven, Group convenor, to to express your interest and to supply any relevant background information. If you have previously registered, there is no need to register again.

LS-NLS Seminar

14.00–15:30 – Bogdan Wolf (LS, NLS, AMP): "When Anxiety Emerges… An Introduction to the Seminar X by Jacques Lacan".

15.30–17.00 – Vincent Dachy (CFAR, LS, NLS, AMP): Presentation of next NLS Congress: "Place and Interpretation of Formation of the Unconscious in Psychoanalytical Treatments".

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