London Society “Knotting” Seminar with Lilia Mahjoub

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London Society “Knotting” Seminar
With NLS President Lilia Mahjoub
18th February 2017


Knotting Seminar of the NLS 
in preparation for the NLS Congress to be held in Paris on 29-30 April 
under the title 
About the Unconscious: 
Place and Interpretation of Formations of the Unconscious in Psychoanalytic Treatments  
with special guests: 
Lilia Mahjoub, President of the NLS 
Franck Rollier, Cartel Delegate of the NLS Executive Committee
Beatriz Premazzi, from ASREEP-NLS (Switzerland)
The Purpose of the Knotting Seminars is to knot together the geographically disparate groups of the NLS into a working community by linking them in combined work. This seminar will consist of a theoretical presentation on the theme of the next Congress by Lilia Mahjoub, and two case presentations, by Roger Litten from the London Society and Beatriz Premazzi from the Swiss Group, ASREEP. Each of these presentations will highlight an aspect of the contemporary unconscious and the place and interpretation of formations of the unconscious within the clinic today.


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