London Society of the NLS- Study Day

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London Society Study Day

The facets of jealousy


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Morning Session

10.30 – 1.00

Workshop co-facilitated by Laure Naveau and Vincent Dachy

Bogdan Wolf: Jealousy and envy in Freud and Lacan

Véronique Voruz: 'Reading Catherine M. on Jealousy'

Laure Naveau: The other man of her life

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Afternoon Session

14.30 – 17.00

Guest Speaker: Pierre Naveau

Psychoanalyst in Paris and member of the ECF and the NLS

‘Jealousy and the hidden gaze’

Betty Bertrand-Godfrey

Jealousy as a name of the Father?

Heather Chamberlain

How do we work with a jealous patient?

Chair: Roger Litten

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There will be ample time dedicated to discussion and the following readings are suggested:

Sigmund Freud

Some Neurotic Mechanisms in Jealousy, Paranoia and Homosexuality (1922)

Jacques Lacan

Family complexes in the Formation of the Individual (1938)

Seminar XX (1998)

Catherine Millet

Jour de souffrance (no English translation available)

Marcel Proust

Swann in love

The Captive

William Shakespeare

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University of London Student Union
Bloomsbury Suite

Second Floor
Malet Street, London W1

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