London Society – Stirred by Transference

London Society Seminar

Stirred by Transference


18 November 2017

This event will be divided into two parts. Part 1 will feature an elaboration of the theme of transference by Vincent Dachy in the form of a seminar followed by discussion. This will be followed by the first of a series of fundamental readings on transference, involving a brief commentary of a designated text and discussion of it with one or more member of the London Society. The purpose of such fundamental readings (a rubric we have borrowed from the Cartels), is not to provide an exhaustive commentary, but rather to draw designated texts into our work for the year so that we hold them in common in our ongoing work in a way that supports discussion. The audience is invited to contribute to this seminar with their own prior reading and preparation. On this occasion, we will be exploring how the theme of transference was taken up by Freud in his Papers on Technique, with particular emphasis on “The Dynamics of Transference” and “Remembering, Repeating and Working-Through”. 

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