My Way – Newsletter of Pipol 8 Congress “ANon-standard Clinical Practice”

Je m'y inscris au congrès ici ! – I can register for the Congress here!

PIPOLNews? What’s that?

PIPOLNews is the e-mail list for the
EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis (EFP). It regularly sends information and
communication from the EFP, but, above all, it prepares for the PIPOL Congress
in July.

So! A PIPOL Congress soon, then?

Yes! PIPOL 8, the 4th European Congress of
Psychoanalysis, is coming! It will be held in Brussels, on 1st and 2nd
of July 2017, and its title is: “A Non-standard Clinical Practice”. And the
first My Way has just appeared in all
the languages of the EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis.

My Way?

It’s PIPOL 8 newsletter. The first issues will
cover the 16 themes that make up the PIPOL 8 blog. Then it will publish
articles as and when our colleagues write them. It will also give a direct
access into the PIPOL 8 blog, which contains the argument, all the headings,
the published texts in My Way, a
detailed bibliography, masses of practical information AND the way to sign up
for the congress!

And the Organising Committee has announced that
it will be a weekly!

How can I get all this?

By signing up to the PIPOLNews list.

It’s easy and simple! All you’ve got to do is
go to
and insert your email address in the indicated spot as shown in the image below.
If you haven’t received PIPOLNews during the last few weeks, then you have not
yet signed up, or you have changed your email address since the last
inscription. Anyway, all you’ve got to do is sign up now!


See you soon for the next My Way!

Guy Poblome, on
behalf of the Steering Committee of PIPOL 8

Bosquin-Caroz, Director of the Congress


Translated by Janet


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