New publication: ‘A Lacanian Reading of Anorexia’ – Domenico Cosenza


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This book presents a Lacanian perspective on the
understanding and treatment of anorexia, supported by case material, research
and theoretical insight from the author’s 25 years of clinical practice.

Domenico Cosenza explains how anorexia constitutes a challenge for contemporary
psychoanalytic clinicians, assesses previous theoretical understandings and
examines clinical contributions from other schools of psychoanalysis. Cosenza
argues that anorexia cannot be treated by following a classical psychoanalytic
path, and here draws on numerous clinical cases to articulate a Lacanian
approach which addresses core concerns not resolved elsewhere. Elaborating on
Lacanian concepts including refusal and the object nothing, Cosenza offers a
new approach for all psychoanalytically-informed clinicians working with

A Lacanian Reading of Anorexia will be of great interest to
psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists
interested in Lacanian perspectives and the dynamic-analytical approach in the
treatment of anorexia.



Reviews and Endorsements

this highly significant book Domenico Cosenza shows us refusal may be torned
into a way forward. Through his remarkable insights, he shows us how it is
paradoxically in the impasse that it presents that a solution to anorexia may
be found.
Prof. François Ansermet, psychoanalyst, member of the WAP, Emeritus
Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Universities of Geneva and

Domenico Cosenza incisively surveys the full spectrum of literature of anorexia
– psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, Lacan, and the contemporary
Lacanian Orientation and draws on his own clinical experience in many settings,
and those of colleagues, to provide the clinician a much-needed framework for
working with patients with anorexia. That alone makes this book a must-buy, but
Cosenza also highlights how the study of anorexia, alongside other eating
disorders and addiction, is necessary in reforging a clinic for today’s
Thomas Svolos, MD, New Lacanian School and Creighton University School of

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