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“What is interesting is the language Lacan uses at this point, here at the end of his work. Some photographs of Lacan at the end of his career are photos with Lacan holding these knots of string. In Seminar XXIII, he talks about it at great length, and elsewhere around this time, he talks about this—the rings and the knots that can be made with them. It is an interesting language. It is using your hands to catch hold of something. This is a different approach from that of meaning. And, this obviously has clinical implications. At the beginning of his work, when the focus was on speech and language, and when meaning and truth were defined as the primary aim of analysis, the analyst and the analysand listened and spoke. But, at this point, at the end of his career, the analytic experience might be redefined as catching hold of or getting a handle on something. It is a different description of the psychoanalytic process, a kind of pragmatics.”

Thomas Svolos


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