NLS Congress 2019 – CALL FOR PAPERS!

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Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

Preparations for the Congress are underway and being conducted with great enthusiasm in the company of our Israeli colleagues. We have established a lively and collaborative working relationship between the Congress Organizing Committee in Tel Aviv and the Executive Committee. We meet regularly. We all met in Paris last July, and in recent months Alexandre and Frank have visited the locale. I'll be going there next January. We had a meeting recently in Brussels with Sharon (the Congress director in Israel) and some members of her team. More meetings are planned to take place between now and next June. Our Israeli colleagues have shown us the magnificent Palace that will be our venue. We will provide you with information about all this in the weeks to come. In short, the Congress promises to be magnificent. I also know (because my colleagues on the Executive Committee are actively involved in the Knottings seminars and because Frank has indicated that Cartels towards the Congress are well underway) that you, the members of the NLS, have also been very active.

Many of you have told me that you would like to have an opportunity to bear witness to your work at the Congress. So, we have decided to organize parallel sessions with simultaneous interpretation in Tel Aviv.

For this 2019 Congress, I therefore ask you to send us proposals for papers for the parallel sessions. The preparatory work involved in organizing these sessions represents a considerable amount of work. I would therefore like to urge you to scrupulously respect the instructions below. To relieve the secretarial work, where these instructions have not been followed, we will be returning texts to their authors to be resubmitted as requested.

Only twenty-four texts will be selected. One must know how to say no. And one must also know how to accept a refusal. It will not be easy for those who have invested all their effort in a piece of work that ends up not being selected.

There will be four parallel sessions whose themes are as follows:

  • Urgent Political Times

  • Haste and the Act (The lion only leaps once)

  • The Urgency that Doesn’t Stop (It's always urgent)

  • Urgency and Satisfaction (Knowing how to do with one’s symptom)

  • Trauma

  • Subjective Urgency (Rupture of the signifying chain)

  • Urgent Cases

  • Urgency in Institutions

You are invited to submit a contribution in line with the theme of the Congress.

It is not necessary to send us an argument. Present a definitive text that must meet the following guidelines:

  • The text must be written in one of the two languages of the NLS: English or French.

  • The text cannot exceed 6500 characters including spaces (10 minutes).

  • It must be written in Times New Roman font, font size 12.

  • At the top of the page please write:

         The title of your contribution
         Your name followed by your first name
         Your e-mail address
         Your phone number preceded by the prefix of your country.

  • The document must have page numbers.

  • The texts must, without exception, be sent before 15 March 2019.

Your text will be read by the Scientific Committee. You will be informed of its decision. Either it will be accepted, or it will not be accepted, or you will be asked to revise it. In this case, a mentor will be assigned to you to help you establish the final version

Be nice! Please follow these instructions scrupulously. We will not make these changes for you if the text does not respect these guidelines. In this case, we will send your text back to you and ask you to make the necessary changes.

Please send me your work.

See you soon!

Best wishes,
Bernard Seynhaeve

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 is also the title and the theme developed in
The Lacanian Review 6

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