NLS Congress: Call for Papers – Simultaneous Clinical Sessions




20 – 21 May 2023



Simultaneous Clinical Sessions

Simultaneous (parallel) sessions will take place on Saturday 20 May, 13:00 -16:15, with some in English and others in French. There will be no translation: each speaker and each participant will select the language of their choice.

We invite you to propose a contribution in line with the theme of the Congress, "Anxiety and Discontent". It is a theme especially conducive to the development of a case-by-case clinic, oriented as much by the analytical experience of the practitioner as by the epistemic references of our field. It is a theme geared as closely as possible towards knotting public discourses and the subjectivities of individuals who either subscribe to them or are rejected by them.

A 'clinical case' is this very knotting, unfolded under the effect of transference. 

So, your contribution will be about a clinical case, which will be read by the scientific committee. 

Papers to be sent by the 20th of March to the following address:


In the following form: 

– 7,000 characters, including spaces, written in Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing 1.15. 

– In the body of the text: the author’s surname, first name, e-mail address and mobile phone number. 

– Subject of the email: NLS Congress – Simultaneous Sessions NAME First name


Some guiding themes:

 Freudian clinic: anxiety neurosis, anxiety hysteria.

 Current forms of discontent: the impact of current discourses on subjectivity

 Acute anxiety vs. panic attacks

 From anxiety to the symptom

 The emergence of anxiety under transference

 Phobias: limits for desire or bulwarks against jouissance?

 Direct hold of anxiety on the body: scarification, bulimia, etc…

 Anxiety and separation: fall of the object/letting drop of the subject






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