NLS Congress Ghent 2014: Let’s go!

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The preparation of the NLS Congress 2014 has
reached its cruising speed. The poster and the flyers have been printed
and are arriving in the remote corners of our School. Two Knottings
Seminars were held at the end of September at the Hellenic Society in
Athens and at the ASREEP in Geneva. You would have been able to read the
results of this work on
nls-messager 843 and 844.
On January 11 it will be the turn of London, on February 23 of Bruges
and on March 16 the last knotting in Tel Aviv. Seminars and preparatory
activities are in place in many groups of the NLS (in Poland,
Switzerland, Ireland, Quebec, Greece, Belgium, Israel…). Of the 31
cartels listed in the on-line catalogue, there are
twelve cartels registered "towards the Congress".


The theme of the Congress, "WHAT CANNOT BE SAID – Desire, Fantasy, Real", is based on the orientation given by Jacques-Alain Miller in Athens
of an updating of the question of the fantasy in psychoanalytic
practice. The fantasy, as last resort of the subject in panic when
encountering the fundamental non-guarantee of the Other, is a topic
particularly in tune with the clinic of our times. One observes how the
contemporary subject withdraws into the One-all-alone of his/her
jouissance with the aid of the geek-objects that were the theme of the
Congress in Athens. The Congress in Ghent proposes to take a step
further and interrogate, on the one hand, the fantasmatic formula of
this resort, which is sometimes out in the open [à ciel ouvert],
and on the other hand, the singular way out to which the analytic
experience leads, when it succeeds in disturbing the subject's mode of
jouissance constituting his/her symptomatic side.


We are travelling together towards the Congress in Ghent


First you need to register – not only by paying your registration fee at a reduced rate of 140 euros before the end of January, but also by mobilising your contributions for the blog that will be open very soon. You may send your text of 2500 characters maximum to
(clinical vignettes, elaborations on the theme, connections). The
novelty this year: each contribution will receive a commentary on the
blog by an NLS member and those who wish to do so can respond to it

Then book your hotel. Ghent
is a popular tourist destination and the tourist office informs us that
hotel reservations should be made early. Please find below a list of hotels.

call for papers for the simultaneous sessions will be circulated soon.
We are preparing the plenary sessions with interventions organised in a
renewed fashion: a sequence dedicated to the pass with the new AS and
other surprise guests. Regarding festivities, the particular atmosphere
of the NLS Congresses will not fail in Ghent! The Vooruit that will host
us during three days is a fabulous space, art deco, with multiple
opportunities both for the Congress and for eating and partying.

The NLS and Ghent are expecting you. Do not wait to register on-line straight away!
On-line Information on the website regularly updated as the Congress preparation progresses. 



For the EC, Dominique Holvoet

President of the NLS





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