“It’s not sure that ordinary psychosis is an objective category.” “It’s more of an epistemic category.” “…ordinary psychosis, it means it’s a psychosis” And if it is a psychosis, then “you must go further than that and look for what it is in the classical psychoanalytic and psychiatric clinic. If you don’t do that – and this is the danger of the concept of ordinary psychosis – it’s what we call in French an ‘asile de l’ignorance’, it’s a refuge for not knowing.” “[the term] Ordinary psychosis must not be a permission to ignore the clinic. It’s an invitation to go further than this term.”
“The category of ordinary psychosis stems from practice (…) If you don’t recognise (the well defined elements of) a neurosis, if you don’t have evident signs of psychosis, look for the invisible signs, look for the small clues.”

Jacques-Alain Miller, Ordinary Psychosis Revisited, Psychoanalytical Notebooks 26, 2013
Extract by Yves Vanderveken


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