Earlier this month Anna Aromí was interviewed for Radio Lacan following her participation at the 16th Clinical Conversation of the Institute of the Freudian Field, which took place on March 5th and 6th 2016 in Barcelona.

Anna Aromí referred to some points that the conversation, where she presented a clinical case, sparked for her. Firstly, how each clinical presentation is an opportunity to be open to surprise, in the sense that ‘one does not know in advance what it is going to produce’. On this occasion the unexpected arose in the form of a differential diagnostic question between obsessional neurosis and non-triggered psychosis, which she had not envisaged and which allowed for a ‘discussion about the subtle clinic’. 

Also, she mentioned J.-A. Miller’s indication that ‘the analytic clinic is not one of thick, rough strokes’ but rather one ‘of small traits’, of subtleties, thus highlighting the necessity, in each case, of a ‘close-up of the symptom’. 

Finally, she emphasised the interest and teaching at play when clinical presentations allow to situate something of the ‘presence of the analyst, of his or her action’ in the treatment. In other words, what was it that the analyst incarnated in that singular experience.

Notes by Florencia Shanahan


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