NLS Seminar of the London Society with Geert Hoornaert

London Society of the NLS

​“Ablata Causa or Lost Cause? Transference Today?”

NLS Seminar with Geert Hoornaert


3rd March 2018

We continue our series of Seminar towards the NLS Congress in the summer, with special guest Geert Hoornaert, whose title, “Ablata Causa or Lost Cause?” offers us an ethical choice that contrasts the approach of contemporary psychiatry with the practice and politics of psychoanalysis today. 
In the treatment of mental suffering should we follow the advice of the well-known Latin tag, beloved of the medical profession, which promises that with the removal of the cause, the effects will disappear, or do we recognize that that the concept of the cause implies a real that cannot so easily be effaced and that we must therefore make a place for in the treatment? But if we choose the latter, how then are we to proceed?
As our guest will demonstrate, it is the concept of transference, as developed by Lacan in Seminar XI and elsewhere, that shows us the way.

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