Petition: Marriage for all – Against the instrumentalizationof psychoanalysis

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Marriage for all:

Against the instrumentalization of

Paris, 13th January 2013


The undersigned psychoanalysts
deplore the persistent use which is made of psychoanalytic knowledge to
endorse, in the debate that agitates the nation, some theses opposing the bill.

Consequently, they are
constrained to declare:

– that nothing in the Freudian
experience is likely to validate an anthropology which would authorise itself
in the Genesis;

– that the Oedipal structure
brought out by Freud is not an anthropological invariant;

– that at the level of the
Unconscious, the sexes are not linked by any original complementarity
whatsoever, which is expressed in Lacan’s aphorism: “the sexual relation does
not exist”;

– that it is up to each
speaking being to find the ways of his or her desire, which are singular, twisted,
marked by contingencies and misencounters;

– that some do this with the
help of religious belief, and others without it; an analyst does not have to
give an opinion about that.



Guy Briole,
Proffesor of Psychiatry at Val-de-Grâce

Marie-Hélène Brousse,
former President of the European
School of Psychoanalysis

Carole Dewambrechies-La Sagna,
Secretary General of Uforca *

Eric Laurent,
former President of the World Association of Psychoanalysis

Anaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen, Director
of the journal Le Diable probablement

Clotilde Leguil,
autor of Sartre avec Lacan, 2012

Lilia Mahjoub,
former President of the Ecole de la Cause

Jean-Claude Maleval,
Professor of Psychopathology at the University
of Rennes 2

Jean-Daniel Matet,
President of the Ecole de la Cause

Jacques-Alain Miller,
former President of the World Association of Psychoanalysis

* Union
for training in analytic clinic


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