News from PIPOL 10!


The preparations for the PIPOL Congress are in full swing! OMBILIC has just published its sixth issue, its contributions are truly orientation texts for the preparation of the Congress and the snapshot videos open us up to related fields. Numerous activities are also planned in the EFP Regions.

But what everyone is waiting for, however, is to know under which modality the congress will be held. The Eurofederation Council decided today that it will be held by videoconference, as there is still some uncertainty about the public health situation.

The Organising Committee is preparing many surprises for this event, which is technically virtual but really embodied by all of us!

The Saturday will host an abundance of clinical work on the theme and awaits your contributions, which you can send before April 10th to poblome.guy@gmail.com: Read Guy Poblome's argument for the Simultaneous Sessions here.

Sunday will feature contributions from numerous colleagues from the EFP as well as specialists in related fields (researchers, philosophers, lawyers…) but also exceptional artists!

Registration is open: click here to register at the reduced price before 31/03.


Yours sincerely,

For the PIPOL Team,

Dominique Holvoet

Congress Director



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