The bibliography of Pipol 11: we really can't do without it!

We read it, we listen to it!

Here is the “augmented” bibliography: a second batch of finds follows the first. For each language, the links in the table of contents provide direct access from Part 1 to Part 2.

The Italians have joined us, and the bibliography, opened with To Nobodaddy by William Blake, now closes in songs with “Il padre nella canzone italiana”.

This delivery gives pride of place to the Name-of-the-Father but this should not make us forget the articulation, hence the gap, between patriarchy – Name-of-the-Father – discourse of the master. As Neus Carbonell writes in her orientation text on Nobodaddy: “It is not the pater familias who imposes the authority and the law, but the one who can carry out his function through the surprise of the symptom. Here the father has his place beyond patriarchy. Also, beyond genealogy as it was known in patriarchal societies. […] Indeed, the clinical question in the critique of patriarchy involves elucidating what will come to take the place of the father – even more : what is already taking his place.”

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