Pipol 8 – Call for papers

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Call for Papers

For the Simultaneous Sessions of PIPOL 8

A non-Standard Clinical Practice

Closing Date: 20th February 2017


PIPOL 8 will be political, because it’s clinical!

The closing date for receipt of submissions, of the full text of proposed papers, is no later than 11:59pm on the 20th of February 2017. Texts can be sent to the following email addresses:yves.vanderveken@icloud.com and patricia.caroz@skynet.be.

Papers can be submitted in any of the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish or Dutch; in order for the text to be considered, please follow these instructions: 7500 characters, including spaces; Word format; Font: Ariel 12pt, 1.5 line spacing.


At this time of the attempt at standardisation of the psy practices, as well as so called behavioural re-education, it is the clinic and its dialectic per se, which is quite plainly threatened with extinction. The question of the necessity of the clinic and its dialectic will be the subject of our debate in the public arena, throughout the Saturday of PIPOL 8.

Analytic practice does not ignore norms. It knows just as much about their pathogenic effects, as about the effects of their disappearance, of their diffraction, or of their being shaped. PIPOL 8 will allow us to bring this knowledge right up-to-date.

However, analytic practice, or analytically oriented practice within the institution, builds on the dimension of the symptom. What is known is that the symptom is the very protest through which, in terms of the singularity of his drive, the subject finds expression, beyond himself, one which is counter to his own norms as well as the norms of the Other. Accordingly, it is precisely here that he is an exception, here that he is what he is, and he is outside norms, including in relation to himself. The analytic treatment runs counter to any aim of the removal or disappearance of the symptom, which would only serve to make the necessity of its expression all the more violent.

PIPOL 8 awaits the testimony and demonstration from this clinic. A testimony and demonstration which in the particularity of the practice of each one, takes into consideration these dimensions, there where it is exercised, with those who lend themselves to it. To work!


The reader is referred to the PIPOL 8 Argument http://www.pipol8.eu/2016/10/12/argument/

The headings of the Blog http://www.pipol8.eu may offer some idea for possible themes or axes of work.



Yves Vanderveken, responsible for the Simultaneous Sessions

Patricia Bosquin-Caroz, Congress Director


Translated by Raphael Montague

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