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“I’m preparing for my Congress”



Venue Address

The congress will take place in the centre of Brussels, at the “SQUARE: Brussels Meeting Centre”; Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels. This is the same location as the last four PIPOLs. This former Palais des Congrès in Brussels nowadays is completely transformed and at the forefront of contemporary architecture and technology.

Nearby points of interest: the Royal Library (L’Albertine), the Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR), the Central train station. You cannot miss the glass cube which is the entrance.




On Saturday, July 13th, registration begins at 9am. The work in the simultaneous rooms starts at 10.00, until 13.30 and begins again after the break at 15.00, until 18.30.

Sunday, July 14th, registration is from 8am. Work in the plenary hall from 9.00 to 12.30. The Plenary resumes after the break at 14.00, and continues until 18.30.




Attention, due to security measures, there will be controls at the entrance to the Square. We advise you to arrive well in advance.

Searches at the entrance are a possibility. It is preferable, as far as practicable, to leave suitcases in the hotel.

Persons with cardiac pacemakers are advised to report this before passing through the safety gates.




After going through the security gates make your way with your printed tickets to the registration-desk where your tickets will be validated and you will be given your mandatory-badge, with which you can enter the halls, the program of the Congress and the Regional Directory of the EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis.


Avoid the queue: do not forget to print your TWO entrance tickets

1- When you registered for the conference, you received your e-ticket via e-mail via the Weezevent platform.

2- Several days before the congress, you will receive an email specifying the rooms allocated to you during the simultaneous sessions on Saturday.


Print these two tickets and keep them on you, they will give you a quick access to the Congress and the rooms and means that you will avoid the queue.

If you do not receive these tickets, you can write to infos@europsychanalyse.eu. Your tickets will then be sent to you. If they do not arrive in your in-box it is important to check your spam-box.



Finding your way in the corridors

Throughout the conference, hostesses and stewards will be at your disposal to help guide you in the corridors of the Square and also to give you any information you may need. The members of the PIPOL 9 commission will also be at your disposal for any questions. They will be recognizable by a white rectangular badge.


Headsets for translation: just so we understand each other…

Once you have registered and deposited any items you may have for the cloakroom, you will be able to pick up your translation headset which will be entrusted to you in exchange for a piece of identification. Like all the equipment in the Square, recently completely renovated, these headsets are cutting-edge technology. Be warned, they are very expensive. Take care. A broken or lost headset costs 400 € (!!!).


The Simultaneous Sessions Details

On your ticket for Saturday work in simultaneous rooms you will find the following indications:

Simultaneous morning: Room X

Simultaneous in the afternoon: Room Y

Indeed, as for the previous PIPOL in Brussels, you will not be able to choose the rooms that you will attend on the Saturday. Two rooms will be assigned to you, one for the morning, and the other for the afternoon. The capacities of the rooms and the languages in which the work will take place have imposed this distribution on us. We have ensured that you are in a room where the work takes place in a language that is accessible to you.


The rhythm of the plenary

The plenary session on Sunday is very busy. The schedule will be rigorously adhered to, because many colleagues who have to catch a flight take a train will not be able to participate at the end of the congress if it extends beyond the scheduled hour (18:30). We will therefore start exactly in time, which is to say at 9.00.

The Gold Room on the Sunday of the Plenary of PIPOL is full. The Pipol 9 Commission respectfully ask your patience in order to find a seat, that you follow the instructions of the hostesses, who have the difficult task of finding a seat for each one.



The halls and corridors of the Square are equipped with Wi-Fi.

SSID (Network Name): square-guest.

Login : pipol.

Mot de passe : pipol9


Confirmation of Attendance and Payment

Confirmation of attendance and payment will be emailed to you after the Congress.





Soirée PIPOL 9 at WIELS

Saturday the 13th of July from 19.00-1.00


Your registration ticket will be required to gain entry.
Registration is no longer possible.



Getting There

Address: Avenue Van Volxem 354, 1190 – Bruxelles


To Get There:
Public Transport: takes around 30 minutes
– From The Square, go to the “Bourse” Tram Station (10 minute walk)
– Take the Tram “3 Churchill” or “4 Stalle” as far as LEMONNIER
– Then, take the Tram “82 Drogenbos Château” as far as WIELS.
The entrance to WIELS is located at the intersection.


To go by Taxi, you can telephone the Taxis verts au +32 2 349 49 49.

For those who wish to take a taxi for the return journey after the party, there will be taxis guaranteed on standby at WIELS from 22:00.





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