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« L’une des formes de superstition les plus étrangement inquiétantes et les plus répandues est la peur du “mauvais œil” […] On suspecte là une sourde intention de nuire et on admet, d'après certains indices, qu'elle dispose en outre d'un pouvoir nocif. »
Freud, S., L’inquiétante étrangeté, L’inquiétante étrangeté et autres essais, Paris, Éditions Gallimard, 1985, p. 244.

"One of the most uncanny and wide spread forms of superstition is the dread of the evil eye [… ] What is feared is thus a secret intention of doing harm, and certain signs are taken to mean that that intention has the necessary power of its command."
Freud, S., The Uncanny, (1919), SE, Vol. XVII (1964), p. 240.

 The World as We Know It
 Cristina Rose Moro

"Freud’s experience at the Acropolis is a perfect example of the role of the gaze in mediating one’s experience of the world. Miller explains that the father’s gaze arises in the Acropolis itself. It’s not so much that they see the Acropolis, but that the Acropolis looks back at them through the father’s eyes.”

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The Vibe-Building of Olivia Erlanger
Anna De Filippi

“In Erlanger’s vibe-building, what is the function of the eye-shaped frames? She could have chosen many other ways to frame these interiors. By choosing an eye, Erlanger brings the gaze that styles jouissance hors champ back into the frame."

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 A Room with a View
 Alicia Arenas

"The split between the eye and the gaze can also be staged, as it happens with the trompe-l’œil, an image that tricks the eye with a fake realism that provokes a sudden encounter with the split.  What makes it work is the trick of presenting a veil that suddenly reveals its fakeness.”

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The deadline for submitting texts for the blog has passed. Thanks to all contributors!

La date limite de soumission des textes pour le blog est dépassée.
Merci à tous les contributeurs !


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