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« Le monde est omnivoyeur, mais n’est pas exhibitionniste – il ne provoque pas notre regard. Quand il commence à le provoquer, alors commence aussi le sentiment d'étrangeté. »
Lacan J., Le Séminaire, Livre XI, Les quatre concepts fondamentaux de la psychanalyse, texte établi par J.-A. Miller, Paris, Seuil, 1973, p. 71-72.

"The world is all-seeing, but it is not exhibitionistic — it does not provoke our gaze. When it begins to provoke it, the feeling of strangeness begins too."
Lacan J., The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XI,The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis, ed. J.-A. Miller, trans. A. Sheridan (New York: Norton, 1977), 72.

 The Gaze and the Obscure God
 Natalie Wülfing

"Films about victims of any kind always display this humanist sadism inherent in good intentions. Glazer’s film does not fall into this trap. Here, not our “vision is solicited, but our gaze is aroused”, as a nausea that reigns over the entire experience of watching this film. We are in the field of the gaze."

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The Gaze as the Rock of Castration
Dana Tor-Zilberstein

“Maybe we could say that instead of extracting our own eyes like Oedipus, at the end of analysis, one extracts his own way of seeing the world, the object a which determines the fantasy, i.e., the gaze. Or, one would attest to his way of doing with it, with that which eludes, and cannot be passed."

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 The Sovereignty of the Image in the Sexual
 Rik Loose

The image (of pornography) reigns supreme in our modern digitalized culture. It shows that the gaze is susceptible to being hijacked by it, but also that the visibility aspect of the image cannot capture the real of the sexual act and of the sexual relation.

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