Question of the School: Part 2. Constructing the Experience of the School

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13 JANUARY 2024


The Experience of the School


Part 2

Constructing the Experience of the School



Alexandre Fedtchuk (Russia Initiative)

Marina Frangiadaki (Borromean Knot Society)

Natalie Wülfing (Berlin Initiative) 

Peggy Papada (London Society)


Chaired by

Els Van Compernolle and Jean Luc Monnier 


The communities of work that we have established 

involve everyone in their management. 

It couldn’t be that way from the start, and for good reason: 

at the start, there were no members, it was empty.

It was a City, a hoped for City, with no people. 

First, we had to fill this space, bring in the people

 and train them. The people are there. As Lacan said, 

we thus need to suppose that the spirit of psychoanalysis 

is alive in our analytic communities. 

If not where will it live?” 


                                                                                        JACQUES-ALAIN MILLER 
                         « De la Cité analytique », Comment finissent les analyses, 
       Paris, Navarin, 2022, p. 282.


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