Report about 2nd NLS Seminar in Bulgaria

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Report on the Second Seminar of the Bulgarian Society for Lacanian Psychoanalysis (BSLP) with Bernard Seynhaeve, psychoanalyst, member of NLS, ECF and WAP, director of Courtil

By Evgeni Genchev, vice President of BSLP, member of NLS


The II Seminar of the BSLP was held on April 26, 2013 in Sofia in the premises of the French Institute of Culture.

The seminar was introduced by Vessela Banova, President of BSLP and it proceeded with the Discipline of Reading, where two of our members Kristina Krasteva and Bistra Dancheva commented on one sentence each, from the first chapter of Seminar III of Lacan – The Psychoses. The sentences chosen by Bernard Seynhaeve were the following: 1. “When he speaks, the subject has the entire material of language at his disposal, and this is where concrete discourse begins to be formed. Firstly, there is a synchronic whole, which is language as a simultaneous system of structured groups of opposition, and then there is what occurs diachronically, over time, and what discourse is.” – commented by Kristina Krasteva and 2. “The insult is always a rupture in the system of language…” – commented by Bistra Dancheva.

In her commentary Kristina made an overview of language and discourse trying to clarify those concepts from a linguistics point of view.

Bernard commented on the connection of this sentence to Lacan’s elaboration of the question of hallucinations.

Bistra stressed upon the foreclosure of the Name of the Father as a reason for the rupture in the system of language. She also elaborated on the hallucinatory aspect of insulting. She presented two vignettes illustrating her commentary.

The expose of Bernard was constructed as a commentary on the phrase: “I’ve just been to the butcher’s”. He started by coming back to Lacan’s “L scheme” and stressed upon the imaginary dimension. In this trend of thought, he also commented on the phenomenon of Paranoia and Transitivism and the Ego as an imaginary formation. He also made a connection to the late Lacan and the importance he attributed to the unconscious as a real.

Two cases were presented by Yordanka Hristozova and Ekaterina Vitkova.

The case of Yordanka presents her work with a psychotic man who presents a clinical picture of Schizophrenia. Her interventions make possible for this psychotic subject to maintain a very fragile equilibrium and to overcome some psychotic crises without a serious passing to act.

The case of Ekaterina presents a man with a clinical picture of Ordinary Psychosis, who tries to fill in the hole in the knowledge with medical signifiers.

The discussions of the presentations and of the cases introduced different aspects of the very big topic of Psychoses in Lacanian Theory and in the psychoanalytic practice. 

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