Report on GIEP-NLS Evening:


 Report on GIEP-NLS Evening: “To Make a Couple – Unconscious Relations”

October 15, 2015

Initiated by Noa Farchi, and with the participation of Revital Bakshy preuss and YairTzivoni

Moderator: Halil Sbit



A moment before the evening started, a colleague told me he is expecting to hear what will be said this evening, because the speakers promised that they know something about how to make a coupling. But our hope started to crack right in the beginning with the quote Noa Farchi brought from l’etourdit, where Lacan said that  ‘to make a couple is not all that obvious.’

Noa Farchi turns to the creation story of Adam and Eve as the primal couple, focusing on their encounter. She quotes an interesting sentence by Christian Alberti referred to by Lacan: “There is no reason at all why one woman among all the rest should  be the one that a man chooses to be his wife.” Halil Sbit asks for an explanation of this sentence, and its subsequent clarification produces an opposite meaning: there is a reason that seems to lie in the unconscious why a particular man chooses a particular woman. Could this reason be the same as what Freud called ‘conditions of love’? Noa Farchi adds that there has to be one that you choose, it is not a random encounter. You have to give up something. In the Biblical story part of the body is given up (Eve was created from Adam’s rib that was taken in his sleep) so that something else could be created. CONTINUE TO READ… [attached]



Report by Vered Ashboren

English Translation by:  Arda Ohannessian, Vered Ashboren




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