Statement from the editorial committee of PIPOL NEWS

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Statement from the editorial committee of PIPOL NEWS

The editorial committee of PIPOL NEWS invites his readers to write a few lines in view to be distributed on the electronic list.  The topic: The institutional practice After Oedipus.


The requirements to write a text for this occasion are the following:


1. To be somehow connected to the institution, from close or from far. If you work in an institution or you have worked in one previously, you supervise an institution, or you encounter people working for one: you fit the criteria. The term “institution” is here taken in a broad way. Who doesn’t have a link to the institution if we consider the family as paradigm of all institution?

2. The text should fall under the area After Oedipus, that is to say that it would tell us something of the effects of the hypermodernity about the practice in institution. You can refer yourself to the general argumentation of PIPOL 6, here in attachment. What strikes you in the contemporary clinic in institution?


3. No clinical cases as PIPOL NEWS is a list distributed largely, put on sites, etc. Keep your cases for the simultaneous of the Congress. A call for papers will be sent later.


4. The text can be very short: 2000 characters space included will be sufficient. It should not exceed 10000 characters. 


5. Like with all other publication, the text will have to be approved by the editorial committee. 

Instructions for the writing of a text After Oedipus

(Attention! These instructions are to be respected rigorously; no deviation will be accepted).


1. Do not submit your project to defense -“take your time to think well what you have to write”- nor to inhibitions of all kinds that will hinder the desire. Write, here, right away, as soon as the idea comes to you.

 2. Do not try to be intelligent, clever or original. You are it, in a way or another.


 3. Do not write an introduction, nor justification or explanation of what you want to say. Say it “directly”.

 4. You aren’t too young or too old. You have the right age to be After Oedipus and to say something about it.


 5. Once the text is written, once the email is ready to be sent, clear your mind and press on the button “send”.

Texts, in one of the languages of the EFP (English, French, Spanish and Italian) are to be submitted to Gil



The editorial committee


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