The Blog of the 2023 NLS Congress is open: Call for Papers!

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The 2023 Congress Blog


Patricia Bosquin-Caroz

We are pleased to announce the opening of the NLS Congress Blog for 2023 with the launch of the Newsletter Meteor.

The next NLS Congress will take place on the 20th and 21st of May 2023 under the title Discontent and Anxiety in the Clinic and Civilisation. On the blog that accompanies its preparation you will find in particular: the argument written by Daniel Roy, NLS President and director of the Congress, also bibliographical references from articles published in English and/or French, mainly by Freud, Lacan, Jacques-Alain Miller and Éric Laurent, the texts presenting the thematic rubrics and their flashes. The bibliography, under the aesis of Franck Rollier accompanied by Roger Litten and a larqe team, will evolve without being exhaustive. Some bibliographic citations extracted from the bibliography will be highlighted in the weekly Newsletter Meteor.

As of now, we await your contributions! We invite you to write a text in French or English, called a flash, based on a theme corresponding to one of the six rubrics of the Blog: At War – Challenges of the Living – Fears and Anxiety – Im-monde – Sexes – Guises of the Object.

The Blog Newsletter, Meteor, will first introduce, one by one, these different rubrics devised from the thematic axes arising from the Congress argument and presented by its authors: Réginald Blanchet, François Ansermet, Lilia Mahjoub, Geert Hoornaert, Anne Béraud and Florencia Shanahan.

As for the flashes, they will be broadcast regularly throughout the Congress preparation. They may be based on a literary, theatrical or cinematographic work, or be written from a commented bibliographic reference, or from a social, political, cultural, scientific or clinical news item (no case histories!). They must adhere to the submission criteria detailed below, which are also the conditions of their eligibility for the blog.

Get Writing !
On Behalf of the Blog Team (1), 
Patricia Bosquin-Caroz, Vice-president of the nls.
Send your contributions to Patricia Bosquin-Caroz and Els Van Compernolle, NLS Secretariat:
NLS Secretariat:

  1. Title of the mail: Text proposal for the 2023 blog.
  2. Texts must not exceed 3000 characters, including spaces.
  3. Word Document, Times New Roman, size 12.
  4. Please indicate your choice for one of the headings. Another may be selected by the blog team.
  5. All references should be footnoted in the correct format.
  6. In your references and citations, use the official editions and versions of the original text whenever possible.
  7. Use citations in the same language as the text itself (French or English) whenever possible.
  8. Use official translations. For English translations of texts by Lacan and Miller, see the NLS website:

(1) The Blog Team:

Joanne Conway, Jean-Claude Encalado, James Fischer, Caroline Heanue, Pamela King, Eleni Koukouli, Monique Kusnierek, Raphael Montague, Cecilia Naranjo, Peggy Papada, Christel Van den Eeden, Jonas Verbauwhede, Colin Wright.



You want to dive into the theme and have a look at the extensive bibliography that we have made for you?


Discontent and Anxiety

In the clinic and in Civilisation

Read or re-read the argument by Daniel Roy towards the Congress.



Registration information and a first overview of the congress schedule.


6 Blog Rubrics

Discover the 6 blog rubrics on the blog homepage very soon!



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