The BLOG towards the NLS Congress / BLOG POUR LE CONGRES 2014 DE LA NLS n°5

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The fifth contribution for the Blog towards the NLS Congress Ghent 2014 is the English translation of Laure Naveau's beautiful paper entitled "The Choice of Words", in which she testifies, from her experience and her responsibility as a subject, to the impact of language on the body. From "the
well-said which is akin to the half-said in that it functions in
opposition to saying it all, and to the eruption of the drive that it triggers", Laure Naveau demonstrates how an analysis "
helps to decipher the symptoms left on the body
by speech".

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17th and 18th May 2014         XIIth NLS Congress in Gand          17 et 18 mai 2014     |     XIIè Congrès de la NLS à Gand

The Blog of the Congress is on-line!



We invite you to read and to respond with your comments, questions and reflections to the fifth paper, "The choice of words" by our colleague Laure Naveau, member of the ECF.




Le Blog du Congrès est en ligne!



Nous vous invitons à lire le premier texte "Le choix des mots" par notre collègue Laure Naveau, membre de l'ECF, et à y répondre avec vos commentaires, questions et réflexions.


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