The Lacanian Review- Hurly Burly






The Lacanian Review: Hurly-Burly

Table of Contents

Editorial (attachment here)

Marie-Hélène Brousse

Thematic section: OH MY GODS! (OMGS)


Jacques Lacan, ‘Religions and the Real’

Marie-Hélène Brousse, ‘To Exorcise that Good Old God


The dialogue:

Diarmaid McCulloch and Denis Crouzet, ‘Religious Schisms Past and Present’


Oh Ye of Little Faith!”

Jacques-Alain Miller, ‘The Logical and the Oracular’

Ron Naiweld, ‘What is a Culture Without Faith?’


Faith no more!

Tom Harding, ‘Negative Theology and Psychoanalysis’

Michael Barkun, ‘Trust No One’

Dalia Arpin, ‘A Fundamentally Unbelieving Time’

Ron Naiweld, Why I Love my Mother Tongue


Idol/Idle Worship

Elizabeth Stewart, ‘Michael Angelo’s Last Pieta: From Semblant to Sinthome’

Gérard Wajcman, ‘Innocent Images’


The God of Numbers

Jacques-Alain Miller, ‘Desire for Certainty: Descartes and the Order of Reasons’

Éric Laurent, ‘The Society of Digital Distrust’

Colin Wright, ‘The Tyranny of the Average’

Clotilde Leguil, ‘Cognitivism or the Language of the Man without Qualities’


This is my body”

Miquel Bassols, ‘Ramon Llull’s Amancia: A Mysticism or a Science of Love?


Formations of the Analyst


Jacques-Alain Miller, Three Remarks on Supervision

Reduction: Analysts of the School

Danièle Lacadée-Labro, The Obscure Light

Jérôme Lecaux, You Can’t Read What You Have Written, But You Can Sign Off

Ana Aromí, Silent Storm

Marie Hélène Blancard, Crisis and the End of Analysis

Bruno de Halleux, A Fall


Our Congresses


Let’s Go! WAP/NLS

Éric Laurent, The Unconscious and the Body Event

Yves Vanderveken, Towards a Generalisation of the Clinic of Discreet Signs


Clinical work NLS Congress, Geneva

Claudia Iddan, The Point of Panic and the Malicious Other

Barbara Kowalów, In the Face of …., One is Entitled To

Ann Lysy and Florencia Shanahan, The Missing Partner

Luc Vander Vennet, The Body in the Analysand-Analyst … Couple





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