The Psychoanalytical Notebooks 26 is out

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The latest issue of the Psychoanalytical Notebooks is out


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Psychoanalytical Notebooks 26, 2013

published by the London Society of the New Lacanian School

Éric Laurent – Ordinary psychosis, 
Marie-Hélène Brousse – Ordinary psychosis in the light of lacan’s theory of discourse
Jacques-Alain Miller – Ordinary psychosis revisited 
Jean-Pierre Deffieux – Not so rare a case

Hervé Castenet – A subject in the fog
Jacques-Alain Miller and Others – The conversation of Arcachon (extracts) 
Jean-François Cottes – ‘Je suis foyante’
Thierry Vigneron – The use of fiction and lifestyle

Éric Laurent – Psychoanalytic treatments of the psychoses
Alfredo Zenoni – Orienting oneself in transference
Francesca Biagi-Chai – Jouissance, nomination, semblant
Catherine Meut – Work on the disaster

Christine Wertheim – Poem 

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